Join our Gallery


At Frank's Fine Arts, we aim to represent artists of all mediums with a unique style to their work. We are looking for one of a kind, original artwork, and are not interested in production pieces. As a gallery, we take a commission on all sales, and require exclusivity on all sales in a 45 mile radius unless pre-approved (including galleries, art shows, vending, etc). All applications require a minimum of 5 pictures to show the range of your work and exhibit your artistic style.


1. Artists must be active and consistently producing new work.

2. Artists must have enough inventory to be able to rotate on a regular basis and to maintain gallery presence after sales.

3. Any framing or support structures must be compatible with our hanging system and must be consistent with the quality of artwork in the gallery.

4. A strong social media presence is preferred. Though not a requirement, we will consider applicants with a social media following first.

5. Artists must be willing to regularly participate in gallery events and talk about their work.